i’ve been thinking about becoming a vegetarian for a while… kinda throwing the idea around and all. i already don’t eat much meat as it is – i find beef beyond disgusting, eat pork only when absolutely necessary, and chicken on occasion. i do, however, love fish; so i don’t think i could cut that out (i mean, c’mon, sushi is incredible!)
i kept kosher for a while. it was fairly easy in the states, but was decidedly difficult to continue while in france. as i already had to explain to people that i didn’t eat dairy, i felt it would just be cruel to tell them i didn’t eat pork either. and besides, i figured that while i was over there, i might as well embrace as much of the food and culture as i could.
when i first told my parents that i wanted to keep kosher (sometime back in highschool – sophmore year or something), they were surprised, but more or less supportive… provided, according to my dad, that i didn’t try to get them to keep kosher too. i promised i wouldn’t. my mother worried that it would make cooking our irregular family dinners more complicated. despite their qualms, life continued as usual. needless to say, however, my parents were both somewhat relieved to find that i had started eating pork again when i returned to california.

this brings me to my second point. i have also been thinking about coming out to my parents for some time. i am out to my siblings, some extended family members, my housemates, all of my friends, as well as nearly everyone i interact with on a daily basis. my parents, however, are clueless… or they may not be… but taking into consideration their frequent questions as to my having “found a nice boy yet,” i’m guessing they are oblivious. that question has now become a running joke between my siblings and i every time we go home for family events. i was sort of hoping they would get some sort of hint, but they haven’t. i suppose one could say that the silence on my part stems from a fear of their recations, or a lack of self confidence, and while i couldn’t necessarily say those reasons are wrong, i also wouldn’t say they’re entirely correct either. i mostly just haven’t found the right time or way to tell them. not to mention, when i tried to tell my mom that i liked girls when i was 14, she said i wasn’t like any lesbians she knew (i.e. i was too girly), and it was probably just a phase. RIIIIGHT.
eh… i’ll find the right time and the courage to tell them eventually. now, if only i could figure out how to evade the boy question…

nonetheless, when considering my parents’ respective reactions to the above “coming outs,” i almost have to laugh. i’m almost sure my mother would have more of a fit about my not eating chicken than she would about my attraction to girls. in her opinion, everything tastes better with chicken in it. my dad, on the other hand, would probably take my vegetarianism more in stride, although family dinners would be rife with tofu jokes. not so sure how he’d handle the girl thing though. he might be cool with it and just ask me questions. or he might not talk to me for a while. or worse. according to him, “the gays are fine, so long as i don’t have to deal with them.” yeah. we’ll see.

but for the moment, i’m enjoying vegetables, queerness, and the rain in santa cruz!



so… my first post… i’m not actually sure what to do with this one. i flip-flopped between posting something important or something funny or just a little blurb… however, what you’re going to end up with is less than 10 lines of my utter indecisiveness. ahh… wonderful, isn’t it? i’m hoping i’ll actually think of something worthwhile to say before i head off to class. thank you for bearing with me.